26 Replies to “alex ferguson laughing at berbatov . Man U vs Marseille 03/15/11”

  1. @Ficoman9 Delcev fought for liberation of a united Bulgarian country from the Ottoman rule not a liberated Macedonian country. Alexandar Makedonski as you would refer to him, is Alexandar the great who has absolutely nothing to do with Macedonians or Bulgarians.Calling Samuil macedonian is a personal insult, he is one of the greatest Bulgarian tsars and is called Samuel of Bulgaria for a reason. (Look it up if u dont believe me, internet a book it will all say the same)

  2. @bobby9454 You live in lie my friend ! Ofc we have, remember Aleksandar,Filip, Samuil, Delcev, Sandandski, Guli, Uzunov. But let me tell u somethng, soon the truth will be revealed and ur going down !

  3. @Ficoman90 Macedonia is a fake country, your language is our language, and you dont have a history because you were part of our history. I know it probably feels bad not to have any sort of history, but please stop making up pathetic lies and just face the undesputable fact that ur whole county is basicly a lie.

  4. @9Persianality As a football fan I say that Berbatov is the most gifted player in United. :)) Football is not just running like a chicken around…You have to work with the ball and Berbatov is among the best in the WORLD in that.

  5. @Ficoman90 hahahaahahahahaahaha 😀 Dude, you learn history. You are talking our (Bulgarian) language and you are basically part of Bulgaria.

  6. @BulgarianChauvinist
    Liar ! ! ! Macedonians gave them their alphabet ! ! ! You are nothing but tataro-mongol tribe who wants to steal our history !

  7. @tubemate560 of course berbatov is a better player than hernandez..r u an idiot??? if berbatov played vs barca man utd would of had a better chance to win the game..dont u realized shitcharito is just another player overhyped by the mexican media???

  8. @ufakincraps
    why would Fergie want to win the championship when he wins fa cups, carling cups, premier leagues, worlds club cups etc with man’ united as a manager?

  9. That was Sir Alex’s biggest mistake of the whole season as he let Chicharito play in the final vs Barca. How many times did you see him on the TV screen ? I just remember that whenever the ball went to him, the ref always “Offside!”

  10. Alex: Hey Mike you know what would be funny?
    Mike: What?
    Alex: Lets leave Berbatov out of the CL final and see what happens!
    Mike: Now that would bring some good laughs! I bet he’s gonna try to put on a weirder face then he is now! Oh, well we will still have Owen as a substitute we most probably will never use so its all good.

  11. @tubemate560 yeah he is a lot better than hernandez………. Hernandez is just a deadly finisher . While berba is great finisher , passer , he has got the best first touch i have ever seen , he is strong , can hold the ball upfield , helps out the defense during set pieces , no one can volley the ball better than him , and i can go on and on ……..

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