25 Replies to “Sir Alex Ferguson “Wesley Sneijder Deal is Off” – New England vs Man United 1-4”

  1. football is shit now, just all about money. 80s was when football mattered. It’s meaningless now. Costs £50 to go and make some foreigner rich, so he can snort coke off a whore nipple and crash his sports car. Follow the golf and cricket-more skill and better people. Football full of wankers like red nosed alcy binman

  2. @WillyWeedHead go easy-he’s only dirty through emptying bins. Have some respect, the stinky red faced binman does a good job for the community.

  3. @SH10JogaBonito I think your about right. I’m expecting one more big signing and I think its going to be either one of those three

  4. @MrNodzilla i wasnt talking about, hernandez’ wages and ability? i was talking about Sir Alex Fergusons tactics on signing players?

  5. @manchester0united .Hernandez wasn’t an established world class player who would expect at least £180,000 a week,which i don’t think Man U were prepared to pay.

  6. @xMasterDanx That is why Fergie is the best Manager in football at this moment because he knows how to deal with teams richer than united in the transfer window by tricking them. if he wants he could say emile heskey is the best striker in the world and a team like madrid or city will go buy him.

  7. You never know, Sir Alex is the greatest manager and we can’t blame him for playing around with the headlines as other managers follow his every little action.

  8. So mabye we wont get sneijder, and mabye we will. But be patient guys, Sir Alex often says there will not be any more signings, but he signs great players after saying that and mabye it will be a chock switch and Sneijder will sign for United. But if we wont get Sneijder or any midfielder, we will still be good, SAF is the best coach and he knows what do do. GGMU

  9. @roland237 you are right. this 19years old mario gotze could be the best player on the planet in a few years. its the biggest talent germany had in my lifetime.

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