25 Replies to “Sir Alex Ferguson Answers “Stupid” Question”

  1. @Quedrus Sir Alex said, “I’d go with Mascherano. He’d test my patience.”

    The question is so dumb, since (of course) Ferguson would take Messi. However, Ferguson joked he would take Javier Mascherano, a former Liverpool player (fierce rivals with Manchester United).

    He ended the joke with, “He’d test my patience…” since Mascherano tends to be moaning a lot (especially to referees, where he got sent off during a Man Utd vs. Liverpool game because he wouldn’t stop arguing with the referee).

  2. @Quedrus

    I’m another foreigner but I had only problem with understanding that part you clearly understood. I think he said something like “Who? Mascherano.” then it comes laughing and then something with “patience”, it takes my patience I guess. 🙂

  3. Can some British write the exact words that Sir says after “Thats one of the most stupid question i’ve ever heard in my life” ??

    Its hard to understand for a foreigner 🙂

  4. @vmistry6 so you think they should sell refael and fabio two of the greatest talents in the world? Does united don´t have any future. Hernandez, Welbeck, Fabio, Rafael, Macheda, Jones, Smalling, de gea????? They have a replacement for every defending position. every striker position. and they have a couple of great talented midfielders in the reservers like morrison and this other guy i don´t remember his name right now but they´re saying that he is like the next Vieira

  5. this united squad is the easly the worst ever squad u retarded monghole. There only one left of the golden generation. I am seriously worrried about the future of this squad. Think it’s time fergie retired. We need Dr Morinho to conduct some mayjor surgery with this team….. out with the duds…Flether, carrick, mickey mouse twins, rafeal and fabio, berba, nani (he think he better than he is)

  6. @MrDefq You need to get ur facts right we have won the Champions league twice, 99 n 08 won won the European cup in 68.
    So yes it is the same competition but facts are facts pal, go ask benitez lol

  7. @endimyman09021989 You need to get your facts straight before acting like a scholar. Man U has won the CL three times, not twice. Also, the community shield and league cups are so shitty that they don’t count on the stage of football.

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