25 Replies to “Sir Alex Ferguson walks out of news conference | Manchester United 2-2 Benfica”

  1. @reece100992 well not really because we won the PL last year and got to the CL final … so it cant be that bad really can it .. and every team has a bad run of games so u cant expect them to do well all the time

  2. fair enough united are struggling this season and you all think it’s over. we drew alot in this period last year.. yet turned it around the new year and won the premier league..and came runners up to barca without a real playmaker. in united we believe

  3. you cant say alex ferguson is overrated but if AVB did this the media would be going fucking mental and the FA would give him a ridiculous fine but because alex ferguson is untouchable the FA and UEFA will do nothing.

  4. whiskey nosed cunt, clearly he must know uniteds starting 11 is the worst its been in the past decade …i can see them not winning anything this season fo sure anywya innit blud

  5. @SteveGaming Sry Steve, i went on a rage text, he is just soooo anoying !!! all magaers get asked questions, even if they dont like them, they dont run off like babys….

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