Sir. Alex Ferguson reveals 1 of his managerial secrets

Sir. Alex Ferguson is widely regarded as one of the absolute best managers in the world of football. The impact that the Scottish tactician has made in the sport is undeniable as he has even been placed into the Hall of Fame of English Football.

There is a stand in Old Trafford which is named after him as it was renamed in honor of the 20+ years that he spent at the helm of Manchester United.

During his time being in charge of the English Premier League club, he lifted the domestic title on 13 occasions and the UEFA Champions League twice. Many other pieces of silverware were won by Sir. Alex Ferguson but those are just a few of the more well-known and recognized.

The reign of Sir. Alex Ferguson in Manchester United was so impressive and impactful that he has even turned into a case study that professors utilize for their students in the Harvard Business School.

One of the things that the Scottish tactician said that helped him in accomplishing his feats is to keep control and not be afraid of removing a player that is negatively affecting the rest of the squad.

¨If the coach has no control, he will not last. You have to achieve a position of comprehensive control. There are occasions when you have to ask yourself whether certain players are affecting the dressing-room atmosphere, the performance of the team, and your control of the players and staff. If they are, you have to cut the cord. There is absolutely no other way. It doesn’t matter if the person is the best player in the world¨ Former Manchester United coach Sir. Alex Ferguson said.

When it comes to being in charge of any club and especially a historic one as Manchester United, the Scottish icon stated that you cannot be afraid to make decisions even if it´s regarding the best player in the world, if a severe action is needed, you have to make it.

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