20 Replies to “Sir Alex Ferguson post-match press conference – Champions League final – Barça 3 vs ManU 1”

  1. @DarkX31

    I’d like to know more of Barca’s supporters like you, you are really a supporter, not just some hater who has his club as his priority and everything’s else shit. I support ManU and have much respect to Pep Guardiola for making one of the best teams ever. And I also hope to see you in finals, 1st one that arrive !

  2. @Ryodisis Inconsistent ? What about Rooney then ? Was he consistent this last season ? For God sake if this stupid idiot didn’t put Berbatov on the bench he would have been the top striker of the Premier League all by himself without sharing the first place with Tevez !

  3. @madsouljaz Well he lost this final in a very humiliating way. You can say whatever you want – for me he IS an old fool. He actually admitted a day or two ago that he MIGHT have been wrong leaving Berbatov out of the group for this match. So “sonny” – he seems to be ready to admit he did a mistake , but you don’t – funny – isn’t it 😉

  4. @Character81 he has his boy picked out you know? and dont spect him sitting him on the bench anytime soon… i mean how many times have you seen an entire football team sucking the balls of one of his players even the coach sucks chicarito balls ¡¡¡it’s insane¡¡¡¡

  5. Old fool. Leaving Berbatov out of the group for that match was the most stupid decision I have ever seen. He is the top striker of the Premier League for God sake.

  6. I support Barca but much respect to Sir Alex and his men for their reaction. You win some you lose some and when you lose you gotta take it like a man, it’s the only way to look at things clear without dilusions and help yourself improve in the future. Also accepting the superiority of your respected opponent at a given time proves your own class and gain their respect. Thanks ManU for a great final and we’ll see each other again in our future encounters. Cheers 🙂

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