25 Replies to “Sir Alex Ferguson Interview After Losing the Champions League Final 2011”

  1. Guys ! — The reason why United played as they did is because Fergie watched and planned to much how to win against Barca. He said he would figure out the “Barca code” which was a stupid plan . Manchester United could have won that match if they had cared LESS about the weakness of Barca and MORE of playing their own game… The Manchester United Classic Game Plan cant even Barcelona beat when United plays at their best on their own way HANDS DOWN !

  2. hernandez isnt strong enough to get past pique and mascherano. no matter how fast he is. id put owen on first, then hernandez giggs shouldntve played mid. i dont care how well hes been doing in the past months in that position. valencia was killin everyone. nani shouldve played instead of him. evra was crap all season. carrick needs to die. hes a hit and miss player. park was amazing. it couldve been 5-1 if it wernt for ferdinand and vidic. we wasted the ball so much smacking it up to hernandez

  3. @Gongaz435 That would have done nothing, Man united didnt have the ball. They needed Evra to have a stormer, some quality in midfield to compete with iniesta and xavi. Nasri, Sneijder, maybe a ball winner such as essien. To beat Barca you need to grab them by the throat. Bacary Sagna and Gael Clichy along with Fabregas manged it in the second half at the emirates and allowed arsenal to play their football. I totally blame Carrick Evra Fabio. Signings needed to beat the best team in the world…

  4. @patocosta1234 im was talking to somebody els and if ur not blind enough like ur grandma u can read my name i will write it for u with caps lock : CHELSEAWESTLONDON it means im a fan of a club in west london and its called chelsea 😉 have a nice day

  5. @dramuse29 what kind of dumb question is that…even the best team loses from time to time idiot. Do you think schumacher won every race he drove in? do you think Maradona won every match he played in?? No. If you put all results together barcelona is the best team in the world…

  6. @ChelseaWestLondon Yeah, Chelsea better do something to Torres before his drought continues next season! And it’s great that you’ve finally calmed down 😀

  7. @ChelseaWestLondon You don’t have to! There’s always next season! Be prepare for a tougher competition next season! And congratz for the new Manager, Villa-Boas

  8. @ChelseaWestLondon Ok I’m just gonna end this with there’s just as much of an obesity problem in England as there is in the USA, signifying how much of an idiot you are

  9. @dramuse29 im a chelsea fan and i just get angry when barcelona gets to win the champions league i think there are alot of other teams who deserve to win it

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  11. @ChelseaWestLondon are you a Chelsea or a ManU fan? if you’re a Chelsea fan why are you even commenting hates on this video? We, ManU fans admit the defeat. There’s no need to curse so much! you got to relax, Calm down…

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