25 Replies to “Manchester United vs Manchester City 1-6 – Sir Alex Ferguson”

  1. All u united glory hunters who say city are all about the money how cum we didn’t rave about the money u spent on camel and shrek oh yeah and that new guy that looks like wolverine so shut your mouth and take defeat like a man !

  2. and now, you’re knocked out of the champions league. Fergie, your whole team including Ashley Young, Nani, and Rooney, look well beyond average. You’re going to get murdered by Chelsea/Arsenal/City/Tottenham away from home.

  3. Fletcher’s goal was awesome! man city cannot do that kind of goals..all they do is take the shot and hope for the best.
    What about United?well, if you’ve seen all the goals they’ve been scoring it was awesome
    so fuck man city, glory glory man united !!!!!!!!!!! :D(P.S:and city fans, i do not need your crappy replies like “ooooh we won u nub”. i wud be replying “oh really?maybe u will suffer like man u vs arsenal in the next derby.Plus, majority man u are always the victors”)
    woah, word limit

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