25 Replies to “Angry Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson walks out of Champions League press conference”

  1. don’t seem to take criticism to well. and as many players have had to leave Manchester united over the years because of them getting on the wrong foot with Ferguson. I ask myself what did these players actually do to to piss him off?

  2. i am man unt fan.. i need to agree with u .. i have wait United in the Europa Cup final in Bucharest but Bilbao and Madrid come 🙁

  3. great manager no doubt about it but the man has about as much class and dignity as an episode of the jeremy kyle show, just answer the question you grumpy cunt lol

  4. In 2 of those 3 finals man u/fa got their asses whipped by the masters of Tiki Taka and only won in 08 because Messi was only half fit and Grant made a bad tactical error in the final.Yesterdays men,did you see the pairings for the CL semi finals?No sign of man u/fa,the biggest cheats and and most corrupt side in the world and the CL has been the better for it in their absence!The amount of bogus penalties man u/fa get especially at the behest of Coward Webb and Mike Riley is staggering!9>3.Amen

  5. and yeah couldnt get through for 2nd time in 6 years , and what about the 3 finals in that time and the , you really are an idiot

  6. you do realise that man city get more penaltys at home than any other team i the premiership including united, the reason the top teams get more penaltys you RETARD is that they are better, so spend more time in the oppositions third attacking the goal so more likely to get a penalty than the the teams who cant get near the united net to have any chance of getting fouled in the box. you really need to get a grip

  7. Barcelona are hugely successful but I’m not jealous of them gloryhunter.I’m a neutral who abhors man u/fa’s obvious corrupt behaviour,It’s so obviuos they get special treament from the referees and have arranged the fixture list for the title run in to suit themselves.How’s the CL season going for man u/fa?I don’t see them in the the mix for the semi finals,sure they couldn’t clear the group stage hurdle for the 2nd time in 6 years,what a hoot!9>3.All together now,Amen.Basel,2-1.p.s Amen.

  8. pathetic, referees are people and so make mistakes, united dont bribe anyone, they win trophys because when they retarded players who are full of them selves and dont work as a team, fergie kicks them through the door. just stfu and get a life. So many idiots jealous of man utds success

  9. City are not doing anything illegal,unlike man u/fa who bribe and corrupt referees in order to win games.Take last night for example,Fulham were denied a cast iron penalty in the last minute which would have put a dent in their title aspirations.9>3.Amen.

  10. Manchester united have been doing if over the course of the past 2 3 decades, that’s not the linesman. Where would city be now without the Arabs?

  11. You will no longer be able to catch man u/fa playing on Channel 5 on Thursday nights as Spanish team A.Bilbao dumped them out of the Europa League.Just when you couldn’t see them on Tuesday/Wednesday nights now you can’t even see them on Thursday nights!It really doesn’t get any better.Who wants to watch a team full of spite,venom,nastiness and cynicism play anyway?Not too many people I say.Amen.

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