Hospital Apologizes Too Sir Alex Ferguson

The staff of Salford Royal hospital had an accusation of eyeing Sir Alex Ferguson’s records when he was being treated for the brain hemorrhage. The medical facility later apologized for the spying. After a collapse in his home located in Cheshire in the month of May, he was taken to Salford hospital in an emergency where an emergency surgery was performed on him.

Ferguson is a renowned Scot manager in the history of football for British. Before joining United, he had a record winning of a total of 11 trophies. When he attended the Manchester United’s game at Old Tradoff, he was given a warm ovation by the fans. It was his first comeback to the stadium after the crucial surgery. Even while he was admitted to the Salaford Royals’s, he received thousands of letters, emails, texts etc.

The staff of the hospital was charged with ‘information governance breach’ as they spied medical records. A local spokesperson denied revealing the identity of the concerned patient but mentioned that the HR is in the process. According to the prestigious Sunday times, staff members comprising of 2 doctors, a senior consultant, and 2 nurses were watching out his records secretly in spite of the fact that he was not their assigned patient even. The hospital later expressed regret on behalf of its staff to Ferguson and his family.

The former Manchester United manager stayed in this hospital for 4 days in the intensive care section. He was discharged in early June. The fortnight prior to his discharge, he was quite uneasy and impatient. In July, Ferguson, 76, released a video message. In this video, he was grateful to his family and the hospitals including Salford Royal for saving his life and taking immense care of him. Other hospitals thanked in the video were Macclesfield and Alexandra.

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