The Scottish and former manager of Manchester United for over 26 years had a road named in his honor which is near the club’s Old Trafford.

Sir Alex, won two Champions League titles and five FA Cups during his 26 years with the club, said it had been an “incredible journey”.

He said: “It’s a privilege and an honor to have a road named after me, you don’t expect these things in life and it encapsulates the 26 years.

“I thank everyone for being here – my friends, family and my wife and boss. She picked all the winning teams by the way.”

Waters Reach will now be called Sir Alex Ferguson Way. The 71-year-old was also awarded the Honorary Freedom of the Borough of Trafford.

Another of his recent accomplishments is the success of his autobiography book as it became the fastest-selling non-fiction book as it made over 115,000 copies in a single week.

The book reveals some of the most personal events of his life including him having a great relationship with the current coach of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho and another noteworthy event which takes an entire chapter of his book was the title winning season of Manchester City as it was hard for him to cope with.

Some other events stated in the book was the change that David Beckham experienced turning from a football player into a celebrity. Sir. Alex Ferguson admired Beckham even considering him as a son but later he was changed and allowed the fame get to his head as he had forgotten what had made him a star and neglected to work as hard as he used to in the pitch.