Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson paid tribute to Darren Fletcher, who has been an influential part of the United team over the last five years, by saying that his contributions have been immense to the team. He has also said that the midfielder will definitely recover from his problems, which have prevented him from playing first-team football in the last two years. Fletcher has been suffering from a chronic bowel inflammation problem. It has prevented him from being in the United team on a regular basis. In fact, in the last two years, he has made just 13 appearances in all competitions.

Prior to that, Fletcher was one of the first names the team sheet from Sir Alex Ferguson. The Scot retired after more than 25 years in charge of the club. During his farewell speech at Old Trafford last season, Ferguson mentioned Fletcher. This speech has left the 29-year-old with no words to speak about the manager. He has praised Ferguson for his achievements, while also saying that it shows about the man because he had time to speak about him when the celebrations were all about his achievements at United for the last quarter of a century.

“I was just blown away. For him, at that moment, to take the time to think and to speak of me was fantastic and it just shows the measure of the man. It speaks volumes of him to think of other people when the whole occasion was about him. It was just one of those moments that shocks you because you just do not expect it. It was emotional. More than anything it gave me a great determination to come back,” said Fletcher.

Even though he will miss the start of the season, he is confident of returning to first-team football as soon as possible.