Sir. Alex Ferguson returned to Old Trafford after turning 75 years old

On December 31st of 2016, the legendary manager Sir. Alex Ferguson turned 75 years old and one of the things that he did on his 75th birthday was to return to Manchester United, the club where he became an icon after lifting 38 titles in 26 years.

It’s hard to argue that Sir. Alex Ferguson has been one of the most successful or maybe even the most successful one in the history of the sport. It was back on May of 2013 when the Scottish tactician decided to end his managerial career and even though it has been over 3 years since this occurred, Manchester United is still struggling trying to find someone who can follow his legacy.

Every manager that has arrived after Sir. Alex Ferguson has not been able to have the same kind of impact and prosperity as the Scottishman. David Moyes, Ryan Giggs (Interim Manager), Louis van Gaal and the current manager Jose Mourinho are all of the coaches that have arrived but have struggled to fill in the boots that were left by the Scottish tactician.

Jose Mourinho is the current manager of Manchester United and after being in charge of the English club for 21 Premier League matches, they are currently positioned at the 6th spot with 40 points which is fairly disappointing but it’s not disastrous at least in comparison to other managers before him that have done a significantly worse task.

The Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho recently even invited Sir. Alex Ferguson to the training grounds of Manchester United.

“We have good relations and I know this is his house. When he wants to come here, to the dressing room, to see the players train, he knows he is more than welcome.” This was the statement released by Jose Mourinho as he invited Sir. Alex Ferguson to the training grounds