24 Replies to “Sir Alex Ferguson ignores Luis Suarez issue as he praises Ryan Giggs”

  1. in case you didnt know,they were playing football. players get kicked accidently,it hapens all the time.evra started it all by going after suarez,evra insulted suarez first. then like a little girl he burst into tears because suarez was laughing at him. evra is a baby!

  2. He was following Suarez around because he kicked him and then racially abused. I just wish that Evra would have insulted him and called him the bucktoothed racist scumbag that he is.

    Playing the race card is a what people say to make black people afraid to complain about racist abuse, they’d rather them stay quiet and take than make a stand against it like Evra did.

    Did Martin Luther use the race card because he was tired of being racially abused? The racists should named and shamed.

  3. the vast majority of people do not use the word nigger. the people who use the word nigger most these days are black people! as for suarez,his initail foul was just that,a foul. evra didnt like it and reacted. he went looking for suarez.evra was following suarez around then penalty box,confronting him. evra insulted suarez first, all the evidence show suarez laughing and smiling at evra all the time. evra was the one making htreats,pushing suarez and foaming at the mouth. he played the race card

  4. “So can we”? White people have called black people niggers for years, its not something new.

    Suarez was aggressive thorugout, he started it by kicking out at evra, evra confronted him, Suarez called him a negro and when asked why he kicked him said “because you are black”. He’s a racist cheating scumbag. To abuse someone for the colour of their skin is wrong.

    If people try and pin “race card” tag on people to make them scared and fearful of complaining against racist abuse , they’re scum too.

  5. so what if he called him black. the facts are. evra was agressive throughout. evra started the arument,evra started the insults,evra made threats,evra was the one who was booked,evra accused tthe ref of booking him because he was black. if a fat guy goes up to a skinny guy and says “hey skinny twat” the skinny guy will reply “what’s up fat twat?” if you throw an insult expect to get one back. evra is a fucking race card playing crybaby.anfd if it’s ok fpor blacks to say nigger,then so can we!

  6. Are you saying that Black people dont respect themselves? Because some rappers refer to themselves as “nigger”, something that white people used to sayfor years? You cant be racist to yourself, that’s basic common sense

    suarez asked “what did you say?” In english. but yes after that the convo was in spanish.

    Although there is no reason for suarez to say “you are black” in an argument other than to offend. Skin colour is irrelevant. He pinched his skin, said “you are black” and called him negro

  7. then you’ll have seen that evra admits he started the conversation in spanish.he had therefore agreed to speak in spanish. therefore it does not matter which country you are in,spanish words mean the same wherever you are.evra admitted insulting suarez for being south american,suarez merely pointed out evra is black. that is not a crime.otherwise suarez would have been prosecuted. i hear blacks often referring to each other as nigger. if they want respect they should respect themselves first

  8. I have read the report, every word.

    Evra can insult suarez,insults happen every game.

    Calling someone “south-american” isnt offensive in any language.

    Negro is a degrogatory term in England, the country they both live in and work. No one in england follows spanish law.

    Your argument is still nonsensical..”you are black”, no need to bring skin colour into it at all whatsoever

    If you’re so happy with the word negro, why not say it to the next black person you see as you walk down the street,

  9. you havent read the official report,so you are the liar. evra admits insulting surez first. he insulted him becauase of his south american origins. negro is the spanish word for black,it is not spanish for nigger.suarez replied “you are black” merely pointing out that someone who is black shouldnt be insulting someone elses race.

    if you’re so upset by the word negro i suugest you approach everyone who speaks spanish and kindly ask them to find another word for black.

  10. Who are Europeans to judge what is right and what is not right? He didn’t even do anything bad anyway. It’s not as if the English even know Spanish or Latin American culture. Evra is a disgrace anyway. Plays the race card very well.

  11. anyway why r they talking in spainsh because the two of them speak english pefectly it would hav being easyer then beacause luis suarez is telling LIES

  12. Ok.Let’s assume Suarez used “negro” as a term of endearment, Evra is from france and if he heard that said to him he was right to complain.

    Also it would have been easier if suarez apoligised for any offence caused straight away or explained it to evra face to face but instead LFC and the manager tried to discredit evra. If he apoligised he wouldnt have been put through hell.

    Evra heard negro and complained he cant be blamed for that, so refusing the shake underlined his arrogance.

  13. also, in2u2b is right about the match report. i am a barca fan and i simply took notice of it for curiosity. Evra was largely misunderstanding of Suarez. in my last reply to u i talked about the use of negro in latin world. Evra’s european background made it difficult for him to understand Suarez. while its not as much as ‘playing the race card’, Evra clearly misunderstood. Suarez’s refusal of handshake later on was for being wrongfully put through hell for months.

  14. actually, ur conditionally wrong on some accounts. in the latin world calling each other ‘negro’ is of casual use, at times even a term of endearment between close friends. As an example, Ronaldinho always used to call Eto’o negro while at barca. you are wrong to assume it offends every black person. in some cultures its a lot more mild context than others. suarez and evra obviously hail from different backgrounds.

  15. You’re the liar

    Do you know why LFC fans no this?

    Coz your’re repeating the bullshit and lies from the media

    Doesn’t their attitude to john terry make you feel a little less secure/smug

    Or do you forget about the other when one is mentioned?!

    Is Glory from “Buffy” involved!

  16. It IS a lie. Evra did not say those, I’ve readthe report, you’re the one whose been mouthing off about lies

    1. You said Evra had “played the race card before” at chelsea and to steve finnan. That was a lie.
    2. You said negro is not an offensive term for blacks, that is a lie.
    3. You happily said called black people “fat lipped, negro” and then claim its not racist. Which it is.
    4. You accuse anyone who complains about racism as “playing the race card”.

    You’re a racist lier. Fact.

  17. it’s not a lie. it’s in the fa report.dont tell me you haven’t read the fa report!you’ve been gobbing off about this incident and you havent even read the report. what a twat. evra admits in the report he asked the ref”why have you booked me,because i am black?” evra’s made abig deal out of nothing more than schoolboy banter.he wasnt upset by being called black but he made the most of it cos he knew he’d get suarez into trouble.what a grassing cunt!

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