21 Replies to “Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola Interview – CLFinal 28/5/11”

  1. Pep and ferguson 2 best coaches of all time. Lets see mourinho goes to teams with nothig but all stars while pep builds them. Mourinho is just wondering were all the money is at chelsea inter real madrid etc. He goes to teams already built.

  2. when did i say barca can only beat United when Messi is playing ?
    i just said that in some games it’s messi that ends up being the here and if you think about it he assited two goals in the final he was a big part of the semifinals(that two goals agains Madrid) so all in all he is very key player.
    So can they win without him?yes they can but it’s obvious when he’s playing Barca is stronger.
    Putting Messi as a striker does not make Pep a god ok lol its obvious he has an act for goals.

  3. @Vendeta24 come on mate barca can beat man utd or any other team with or without messi… messi did nothing with argentina but with barca hes so gud thats coz pep knows how to get the maximum out of his players..

  4. nope that award goes to Sir Alex Ferguson(he made united the top team in England he 12 premier league titles and 2 champions) or Mourinho(won champions with Porto and Inter although he is way to cocky)
    Don’t get me wrong Pep is one of the best coaches ever on his first season to win the treble that is a great achievement but i do think he relies to much on Messi and he has to stay a bit longer on barca or change clubs to be considered the best.

  5. Mister Guardiola plz dont ever leave, you made the team not just gr8 again, but a family who work for each other on the pitch. More consistent(better) than 2006,2009 & 2010. Love Messis reaction to the game and season-“it was a great game and such an honour, now we’ll celebrate but we already plan 4 next season” VISCA BARCA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. thank you…pep…the way u spoke abt manu its show that u r came from good family good club and good country…..we all proud of you…mourinho should learn from you and sir alex how to respect others…..well done

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