11 Replies to “Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson denies Samir Nasri move rumours”

  1. @SuperWazza08 yes but we may play 4 3 3 next year! and even if he plays in 4 4 2 he never played good for real madrid in a 2 man midfield he likes to play of the strikers

  2. @F3ARL3SSJ we dont play 4-3-3- we are not barcelona we play 4-4-2 essentially and modric is overated so is nasri we need someone who can score goals from distance who excellent with both feet and who possess creative passing to unlock defense and rooney was playing center forward not center midfield he also doesnt posses creative passing unfortunately and we need him up top if fergie can get him to be an out and out striker once agin and we get sniejder then well have a shot at UCL

  3. We dont need Snijder is great but we have a smiliar player in Rooney! Why would we want to take Rooney out of his No.10 role which he is playing great in. 27 years old no sell on value if he not going to fit in. Injury prone as well. We need a dribbler like Modric or Nasri. Then we will be able to play 4-3-3.

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