23 Replies to “Man United Players Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson Reaction Before and After Aguero Goal”

  1. LOL the sole reason why united are in first place this season is because of V persie, a player you BOUGHT. We;ll see what excuse you think of if they win this year. Cunt

  2. hahahhahhahhaahhah MCFC!!!! hahaha every1 laugh at manu!! i just cant get enough i just cant get enough and i just cant get enough of this dadadadadaadadadaaadadaa! POZNAN

  3. With the introduction of Chelsea and Man City, my team is less likely to win the Premier League in my time but I think it’s better for the comp and it’s highly precious of you to say they “bought” success. No doubt United have earned their success on the pitch, but they have been lucky to be successful as just as the BPL has been benefiting financially. If you can bring in the funds from other means, then all the best to you because United will just keep getting richer.

  4. Good one. you do know that their then owner, Martin Edwards, invested heavily in the United team? 17 of the 19 players the used in the inaugural Premier League season were bought, the only two exceptions being Giggs and Darren Ferguson. The team cost upwards of £20 Million. Before 1993 they’d never even generated £3 Million in Pre-Tax profit… If it wasn’t for Martin Edwards allowing Ferguson to go out and spend the money and buy player after player after player, United would have failed.

  5. No doubt there’s loyal Man Utd fans, there’s loyal fans for every club. But Man city fans, who have been with the team even in the darkest of days, are TRUE man city fans. We may have some glory hunters aswell after our title win, but I can’t control that. I’m just happy that my team won the Premier league. Words can’t even describe.

  6. One question: Why do you support man united? If they were sitting at the bottom of the premier league would you still support them? Well, some so called man united “fans” sure wouldn’t. Alot of your fans are supporting the club because of success. You can’t deny that. MU has one of the highest percentages of glory hunters.
    Now,it’s true that Man city have picked up alot since the Title win, but trust me I’ve been a fan since long before our current dream team existed.

  7. Huh. Weird. Last time I checked, you bought van Persie. And look at where you sit. Top of the League. Van persie. 16 goals. All because of him.

    Man Utd can buy success, too.

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