25 Replies to “Jose Mourinho Or Sir Alex Ferguson, Who Is More Successful? The Mixer”

  1. From a Liverpool supporter, I think Fergie, even though he is a thug, is a great manager. He’s been one of the best managers for the past 20+ years, dare I say the best ever? He’s built up his team and brought in world class talent, like Ronaldo. He has had a few dodgy-deals, like Berbatov, but that has been overshadowed by the amount of silverware he has won. Plus, he’s still going at 70! Hopefully he’ll retire soon and Man United will fall.

    He’s a brilliant manager, to my annoyance.

  2. In addition to the below, I’d like to see Jose win a European title with a Scottish team and not one of the so called ‘big two’ Scottish teams as Fergie did.

  3. Fergie had won 2 not 1 cup winners cups and 2 not 1 eufa super cups by 49 and 6 not 3 domestic titles, 3 in england and 3 in Scotland. So these fellas are fucking ill informed idiots who have proved they actually know fuck all about football ! How can they get that wrong? Just poor.

  4. Did he just say every team mourinho coached had a good core? Thats the dumbest thing i have ever hear. Americans dont know football, tell me how FC Porto had some kind of core when mourinho won champions league with them in 2004? They sucked..

  5. But he kinder gets his nose in other teams business(Mikel racism blahblahblah). And that comment that Torres has himself to blame for the red car summed him up for me.

  6. Well he is quite actually. You should see the press conference after Man utd vs Barca 2011,he said that we were beaten by the better team and that Barca are the greatest side SAF has ever come up against. Just saying.

  7. I’m just kidding buddy. Hes actually a great manager and he has proven it for the longest period. I still don’t like him. hes not humble like pep.

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