The Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that he does not want to rest until he has managed to replace Liverpool’s European record. Liverpool have the most number of European titles in English football, which currently stands at five. Liverpool have undoubtedly been one of the most successful clubs over the last five decades. It has enabled them to lift an astonishing 18 league titles, which has remained a record until it was recently broken by Manchester United. Under the guidance of Alex Ferguson, Manchester United have been able to get 19 league titles.

More than 20 years ago, Ferguson set out with the task of taking Liverpool off their perch in the league title stakes. Now, he has achieved the same, but he is now targeting the prospect of overtaking Liverpool when it comes to the European cups as well. Even with all the success Manchester United have enjoyed in the last 20 years, they have been able to have only three European cups to their name. Sir Alex Ferguson has been responsible for two of them. Now, he has said that he will be looking to get the next two titles as soon as possible. United have come close in the last four seasons by being the runners up twice.

“In terms of the history of our club, we should have won more and I want to win it again and get into the bracket of winners like Liverpool, our biggest rivals, Bayern Munich and Ajax. AC Milan and Real Madrid have got separated from the rest but that definitely drives me on a bit. I get really frustrated when I think about the opportunities we have had to win it, but you can’t be greedy,” said Ferguson when asked about the question of retirement.

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