18 Replies to “ESPNsoccernet Press Pass: EXCLUSIVE Sir Alex Ferguson interview”

  1. @2BarKawi 2 players dont make a team, what about the rest? thats only 2 players with potential not even proven at the highest level yet, you play to much fm lol.

  2. @UnknownGenius01 Ha, I’ll admit that wasn’t a penalty. But it’s the referee’s decision and linesmen as well. Ain’t our fault. Typical thickhead.

  3. Man.. coaches really are polite infront of camera and watch what they say. You know Sir Alex is thinking in his mind “We’re gonna drop them bastards like there is no tomorrow”

  4. i clicked here thinking i would get some real insight in SAF words, but for some reason couldn’t get pass the accent. No offense to anyone, i was just raised with US english.. i know i gotta keep listening to more people from the UK…or the ricky gervais show bwahahahaha.

  5. @UnknownGenius01 First question you should ask yourself before you leave a comment…why did my Daddy stick his cock up my ass for the duration of my childhood?

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