25 Replies to “Cristiano Ronaldo Cantona Beckham Mourinho tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson”

  1. Hahah Mourinho was like “25..26…27…and .. *mumbles* leave already old man”

  2. he is simply d best,..!!! 2 dislikes to dis video…both vil b bullshit,..!!!

  3. I’m a fan of Manchester United since he was very young, and I want to thank you very much to give so much joy you have given us in front of this great team … As a fan, I want you to go on for many more years at United, but the arrival of the time of your retirement and know it will not be easy to find someone like you … that all of himself for a team. FERGIE THANKS !!!

  4. Go away Tony, nation wrecker, immigrant lover, spastic liberal wanker.

    GGMU, long live SAF the KING

  5. once he leaves MU managment need to spend alot of time looking for The One !! gonna be really tough !!

  6. It’s a shame Roy Keane never feels up for saying a nice word about anyone …bitter man.

  7. Gonna be so sad when he retires, we united fans will realise how good we had it

  8. Can you imagine the fish without water ?
    We’re the same without our Fergie :((

  9. Perfect person in man-managing. How could you find that strong character, Sir???

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