28 Replies to “Champions League final: Sir Alex Ferguson moves to ban journalist for asking about Ryan Giggs”

  1. @MsMe1001 hahaha, you sure about that?
    i honestly dont see that happening, this is modern football and man united wont collapse thanks to ferguson!
    just get in mourinho or pep in, problem solved.
    i honestly see man city and man united in the form of real madrid and barcelona (few years later)

  2. LMAO Fergie absolutely hates the press dont blame him the press do ask some stupid questions not concerning football just about someones personal life.

  3. what i dont fuckin get is that these fuckin hacks are busy askin these stupid fuckin questions and you have to just fuckin think; “fuck you you fuckin muppet”. i reckon most of these fuckin hacks dont even fuckin know utds fuckin background and what a fuckin ledge Fergy is the fuckin muppets. most fuckin journos are a bunch of fuckin wankers anyway just look at all this fuckin hacking shit so they can fuck off and if they need to be fuckin band then they shud be fuckin band the fuckin hacks.

  4. @mikeaprice09

    Ok, I’ll end this. Manchester United are the best club in the world! Alex Ferguson is a genius and the best manager EVER! Wayne Rooney’s the Worlds #1 striker and Ashley Young is amazing.

  5. @Jpafc10 no one said anything about age, stop trying to change this talk to something arsenal actually have going for them. My point was we had a RIGHT BACK and LEFT BACK on the wings with OSHEA and GIBSON in cm.. up against arsenal’s amazing passers and we still won comfortably without any of our first team midfield.. no valencia, nani, park, giggs, carrick, fletcher etc. Before the game you would have to call fergie insane for picking that line up but it was genius.

  6. @mikeaprice09
    Well if your’e gunne talk about players. Take a look at Arsenal Squad. I think the oldest player is Almunia 33 or something. 70% of the team are below 25. Yet were still a top 4 team and a top5 club in the world!

  7. @Jpafc10 stop embarrassing yourself.. 1: Arsenal played United THREE times this season, not twice. 2: you don’t even rememeber your own teams results? Arsenal didn’t win 2-1, they won 1-0. and 3: in the fa cup, United played a midfield of rafael oshea gibson fabio and still won 2-0 and kept a clean sheet. You can’t be that good if a right back and left back can play on the wings and destroy you, and OSHEA and GIBSON who would never get into a top prem side can still outplay you ha

  8. @mikeaprice09

    Right i can easily say you lost to Barcelona in England and we beat Barcelona in Englang. Jesus Christ Arsenal played United twice this season and you won 1-0 (Ji Sung Park Luckiest goal in the world) and the second time Arsenal won 2-1 and demolished you! Clearly were a great club if half the other clubs are intrested in our playerS!

  9. @Jpafc10 haha xD here you go again bringing up a THIRD ROUND tie vs leeds from the season before last!!! You got to the final vs a team who ended up getting relegated and you lost! Huge chance to win a trophy for the first time in how many years?!?! and you mess it up with your full strength team on haha.

  10. @mikeaprice09

    Wow, Birmingham? A championship team. Paha comin from a United fan, the team that get messed up every time they play LEEDS UNITED!!!!

  11. @Jpafc10 haha, typical Arsenal fan.. no trophies and even getting beaten by Birmingham (a now championship team) in the Carling Cup final and still bragging about beating Barca and United in the season!! United got beat by wolves.. does that make them a better team? Arsenal got beat by Bolton, Stoke, Astonvilla and a ton of other teams in the league, does that make them better? 4 titles in 5 years and 3 champions league finals in 4 years for United, how many of those for Arsenal? 🙂

  12. @pranxter101 Thats not what i was saying. You havent attempted to deny what i stipulated in my aforementioned comment! I wonder why? Maybe because what i wrote about Bob Paisley and Brian Clough overshadowing Freguson’s European achievements is TRUE.

  13. @1980extremeG Spot the jealous Liverpool fan. You will be banging on about how great they were in the 80’s next. Ancient history. NO longer relevant. This years Barca team would have turned over any Liverpool team from the 80’s as if they were Sunday league amateurs.

  14. It was good to see these soooooo arrogant bastards get a hiding from Barca! They thought they had the trophy in the bag before a ball was kicked! Fact: Alex Ferguson’s record in europe is not outstanding. 2 EC’s in a 25 year reign? Thats a very poor return. Brian Clough won back to back EC’s and Bob Paisley won 3 in 6 years! Yes, 6! Another fact: United will never eclipse or emulate Liverpool’s 5 as long as the ice caps are still intact, especially with Michael ‘i wish i was Stevie G!’ Carrick!

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