Radamel Falcao backs Alex as Manager of MU

The representative of Radamel Falcao reckons if Sir Alex Ferguson had still been the manager of Manchester United, the Colombian striker would have played a lot better.

Falcao has been at Manchester United this season on loan. He’s had a handful of playing opportunities and he has scored some goals too, but, Jorge Mendes, his representative, is not satisfied.

According to Mendes, Falcao should be given 90 minutes on a regular basis and that would have happened if Sir Alex was there.

Talking to a radio network in France, Mendes said, “Radamel would perhaps have been used better by Sir Alex. He is clearly not getting as much of playing time as he deserves.”

“I can’t see any reason why he should not be playing full games. He is fit and strong and is in good form too.”

Mendes hinted that Falcao might be moving to a new club in the coming summer, but, he denied that the club would be Real Madrid.

In the words of Mendes, “Radamel would be at some top club, that’s for sure. But, Real Madrid does not seem to be a possibility at this point of time. They already have got a lot of depth in their striking line and they perhaps would not be selling any of their prominent players in near future. They might have got rid of Benzema the previous year, but, they did not opt for it.”

Falcao’s parent club at the moment is AS Monaco.

Falcao was the best player going around in professional Football a couple of seasons back when he was at Atletico Madrid.

But, after taking the transfer from there, he seemed to lose a little bit of his spark. Nowadays, he does not look like that same player he used to be.